Vertical Markets

Our Vertical Markets

CTrends is serious about helping you do what you do best. As a top-tier supplier of electronic components, CTrends understands that each vertical market is unique. That’s why our goal is to serve a few clients in each market, and serve them well. Each customer will work directly with a vertical market expert who understands the unique requirements of the industries they serve. Our experts will take the time to ask questions and learn about your objectives and product lines in order to provide the best possible solutions.

CTrends will support you through the entire manufacturing product life cycle and beyond, taking steps to mitigate risk and avoid unnecessary surprises. You need a trusted supplier that can provide supply chain intelligence through growth and development as well as eventual phase out of your products, and CTrends wants to be that partner.

CTrends’ many certifications and alliances make us uniquely qualified to serve a variety of major markets, including all of the following:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Communication
  • Computer
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Defense
  • Energy
  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Network Equipment
  • Wireless

Our special expertise supports these vertical markets through product design and development, production and after-market phases. CTrends’ mission is to provide quality components and component data in conjunction with best-in-class customer service. CTrends continually strives to set the industry standard for excellence and be the organization against which all others in the industry are measured. You work hard to excel in your industry, and CTrends is here to support you with every step. Contact CTrends today to get to know our experts and begin a valuable partnership for the future.

Our Customers

Risk Mitigation: Testing Services

A top consumer products OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) contacted CTrends for assistance in procurement of hard to find electronic components. The customer needed just-in-time deliveries due to an ongoing high after production fallout rate of 8%. In the process of discussing the situation with the customer and their Quality Assurance Manager, it was determined that […]

Excess Inventory Management: Lot Buy

A top manufacturer of automotive infotainment systems contacted CTrends in regards to its vast quantity of unusable excess components. The customer desired a solution that would provide a financial return rather than simply scrapping the materials with no return on the product. CTrends worked with the Inventory Control Team to analyze more than 200 line […]

Component Data & Optimization: BOM Scrubbing

An industry leading top server manufacturer contacted CTrends for assistance with a constrained component for one of their new server projects. Through CTrends’ proprietary software, it was immediately apparent that the component was in the obsolescence life cycle phase. To avoid future constraints and threat of production down time, CTrends proactively offered a full BOM […]

Procurement: Last Time Buy

A well known consumer electronics company is a continued partner with CTrends for component data through BOM (Bill of Materials) Scrubbing and just-in-time deliveries through procurement. During one of the routine BOM Scrub analysis, an end-of-life notification was discovered on a key component. CTrends’ procurement team worked with the customer’s engineering team to gather drawings […]

Parts Programming

Customer: The Company is a top manufacturer of commercial electronics. Problem: The Company’s productivity and profits were trending downward. The company enlisted CTrends. Together, the company and CTrends discovered a bottleneck in the production process. The company utilized precious production time to program parts regardless of the batch size needed to complete an order. This […]

In-House Testing

Customer: The Company is a top consumer products OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). Problem: Having experienced 8 percent fallout, the company needed to reduce the impact of substandard parts on its bottom line. Process: The Company partnered with CTrends to test open market electronic components. Using its in-house testing facilities and extensive reference library to confirm part quality […]


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