Risk Mitigation: Testing Services

A top consumer products OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) contacted CTrends for assistance in procurement of hard to find electronic components. The customer needed just-in-time deliveries due to an ongoing high after production fallout rate of 8%. In the process of discussing the situation with the customer and their Quality Assurance Manager, it was determined that a BOM Scrub analysis should be performed on the current build.

CTrends’ proprietary BOM Scrub analysis was used to first determine which components had the highest risk factors. The BOM Scrub performed provided primary and secondary crosses with side-by-side parametric data along with costing information. This information was used to determine which components were susceptible to failure. Further discussions regarding the open market supply chain for their high risk parts revealed a potential risk of substandard or suspect counterfeit components in their current inventory. Once this was identified CTrends was able to bring the customers parts into its in-house test lab for analysis that included die verification.

The state-of-the-art die verification test determined there were 29 occurrences of suspect counterfeit parts in the customers supply chain for that product. These parts were quarantined and removed from the customer’s inventory.

After the initial discovery of the suspect counterfeit components the customer’s fallout rate dropped to 1%, saving the company in excess of $500,000 in manufacturing and repair costs. CTrends was also able to determine other high risk components through the initial BOM Scrub and provide suitable drop in replacements to the component engineers; saving the company time and expense of additional manufacturing down time.

CTrends became an invaluable partner with the customer for BOM scrubbing, procurement and risk mitigation test services. Call CTrends today to discover the many benefits your company will experience when it partners with CTrends, the industry leader in electronic component procurement, risk mitigation and supply chain management.


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