Parts Programming

Customer: The Company is a top manufacturer of commercial electronics.

Problem: The Company’s productivity and profits were trending downward. The company enlisted CTrends. Together, the company and CTrends discovered a bottleneck in the production process. The company utilized precious production time to program parts regardless of the batch size needed to complete an order. This process reduced the time that the company could spend on its core competency of manufacturing and caused delays in final product shipments.

Process for solution: Working with the company, CTrends reviewed all aspects of the manufacturing process. CTrends pinpointed management’s frustration with the parts programming process and the costs associated with delays in production and programming the chips

Benefit: CTrends located a local partner capable of providing one-day turnaround for programming small batches of electronic components. CTrends subcontracts the programming and tests the components prior to delivery to the manufacturing facility. With this simple shift, the production staff was able to concentrate on manufacturing rather than programming, saving a significant number of man hours.

Partnership: CTrends is an integral partner for the company during new product introduction and product prototyping. CTrends’ can partner with your company’s engineers, to develop innovating solutions through your manufacturing bottlenecks. CTrends has robust capabilities to deliver preprogrammed chips Just-In-Time (JIT), saving you time and streamlining your manufacturing process.

Contact CTrends today to explore the benefits of a part programming partnership. Large runs or small, CTrends does it all.


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