Excess Inventory Management: Lot Buy

A top manufacturer of automotive infotainment systems contacted CTrends in regards to its vast quantity of unusable excess components. The customer desired a solution that would provide a financial return rather than simply scrapping the materials with no return on the product.

CTrends worked with the Inventory Control Team to analyze more than 200 line items. A reverse market analysis was completed on the components. The reverse market analysis report gave the customer valuable insight as to the marketability of these components. This included global saturation level, market pricing, and component life cycle information. CTrends assisted the customer in reviewing the report and provided several options for the excess inventory.

The customer decided to partner with CTrends for a lot buy. CTrends purchased the inventory from them allowing for an immediate return on the product. This process also assisted the Inventory Control Team to free up valuable warehouse space.

The customer continues to partner with CTrends to administer all its excess. The customer not only uses CTrends for lot buy transactions but also for virtual inventory posting and e-waste disposal. The customer continues to gain a return on inventory once thought to have no value in the market.

When it comes to excess inventory management, CTrends leads the field in quality and customer satisfaction. Our in-demand process for valuing excess materials provides you a wide range of options. Our reverse market analysis helps you understand the true value of your excess inventory. Call CTrends today to see which options are right for your excess inventory.


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