Why Ctrends

Why Ctrends

Knowledge is power. CTrends empowers you through data-driven decision-making tools, bridging every stage of product development from engineering and operations to quality and supply.

Knowledge is useless without a practical purpose. CTrends not only knows and understands your stringent requirements; it knows where to find the electronic components that you need, when you need them.

“Good” isn’t good enough. CTrends follows customer requested flow-down requirements to put your electronic components through rigorous inspection and analysis processes. With its own in-house lab, CTrends ensures that the parts you receive meet your requirement standards.

Excess inventory doesn’t have to be a loss. CTrends understands that excess inventory can be an albatross around your company’s neck. Through its extensive network, CTrends helps you recover the maximum value from your excess stock.

Trust is the most fragile supply chain link. Because it has certifications from key industry authorities, CTrends has been named a QSLD (Qualified Supplier List of Distributors) & QTSL (Qualified Testing Suppliers List) Trusted Supplier of electronic components. CTrends continually invests in people, equipment and technology, providing you with a high level of trust in the transactional integrity of your relationship with CTrends and your supply chain.

CTrends Philosophy

Every product ever developed has a life cycle curve. It starts with the idea, then goes through engineering design and component design. Development then moves toward making a viable prototype before your new product is introduced into the market. After the market is saturated your product will go through decline until it finally becomes obsolete.

Successfully managing your product’s lifecycle will allow you to:
  • Shorten your product’s time to market
  • Determine the right pricing for your product based on the stage your
    product is in
  • Extend the time in market of your product
  • Decide when end-of-life preparations should be made
  • Manage excess so you can leverage freed up storage and financial resources
    for other business initiatives
Ctrends does this for you through proven competencies in:

Please read more about Our Philosophy to learn the many benefits of selecting CTrends as your electronic component supply chain partner. Your supply chain security is CTrends’ top priority.

Vertical Markets

Getting the right components is critical to your product’s success. Why trust your integral components with just any supplier? CTrends employs electronics experts in numerous industries to help guide your purchases and get you the right components at the right price. Put our industry-specific experts to work for your company, and put your mind at ease regarding your component purchases and your supply chain needs.

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Trusted Supplier

Trust is earned. That trust is visible in the Certifications, Memberships and Alliances a company holds and adheres to. CTrends has a mature quality management system and top certifications in the industry.

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Value Added Services

CTrends is your one-stop-shop for all your electronic component procurement needs. It does not end there. CTrends offers a wide variety of value added services that enhance your supply chain adding value and security for each product manufacturing life cycle.

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