Services: CTrends is not your average component distributor

CTrends is more than a component supplier; we are specialists in every segment of your product life cycle. We go beyond traditional component distribution to provide trust, value and integrity. Our core competencies will become your most reliable assets:

  • Search CTrends First (Distribution & Procurement) to take full advantage of our global network of suppliers
  • Control Your Risk (Risk Mitigation) with our thorough analysis of components in our in-house lab
  • Excess Inventory Relief (Excess Management) ensures you get the best value for the components you no longer need
  • Design With Confidence (Component Data & Optimization) that your components are being sourced by a trusted supply chain specialist

Search CTrends first: Unparalleled procurement services

Your time is valuable so don’t waste it searching for obscure or obsolete parts when CTrends has a team of experts ready to assist. At CTrends, we have unparalleled access to a global network of suppliers, including unpublished component parts lists. We supply franchise and authorized components directly from the manufacturer and can locate even the most hard-to-find parts. With millions of parts in stock and ready to ship. CTrends is proud to be an authorized reseller for Fischer Elektronik, IQD Frequency Products, Rogers Corporation Durel Division, Shannon Packaging, and Goodsky Relays, to name a few. Let CTrends be your one-stop-shop for all your electronic component needs.

Control Your Risk

CTrends is serious about mitigating the risk you face on the open market. Recognized by our peers as one of the Top 50 Distributors in the U.S., CTrends is certified by military and civilian organizations that recognize our secure, reliable analytical systems. CTrends is continuously working to set the industry-wide standard for excellence. To ensure your components meet your quality requirement needs, CTrends has developed its own DLA-vetted, in-house testing lab which reduces your risk of non-conforming components. CTrends conducts industry standard inspection before shipping components to you with one of three certifications: Original Manufacturer Certification, Certificate of Analysis, or Customer Self-Certification. CTrends will earn your trust by helping to control your risk.

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Excess Inventory Relief

CTrends understands that excess components create a drain on your warehouse space and cash flow, so it has developed methods for reducing your unwanted inventory. By liquidating your surplus parts, CTrends can help free your resources and put valuable capital back in your pocket. The process starts with a reverse market analysis report to establish the value of your excess materials. You have a menu of options for eliminating excess inventory and e-waste, including the opportunity to customize a solution that’s unique to your company. Let CTrends alleviate the burden of e-waste management so you can focus on your next big development.

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Component Data & Optimization

CTrends is the best in the business when it comes to BOM scrubbing. We can improve your component data optimization by assisting your design and component engineers with BOM market analysis. We run reports against extensive market information to determine the risk for each component so your engineers can design in the proper component for the full life cycle of your product. We also search for direct and secondary crosses for each component to allow you to add to the approved component list. Once your product is on the market, we continue to assist with BOM analysis as you need it.

Let the supply chain experts at CTrends help you make sure your Bill of Materials is solid from Day 1 of design until the day your last product leaves your plant.

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