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CTrends is a supplier and reseller of electronic components and was named a Top 50 Electronics Distributor. If you’re looking for a reliable and trustworthy procurement partner, CTrends provides you with the necessary support to meet all your supply objectives. CTrends’ experts will guide you through the entire product development process and product life cycle, from component data management and distribution to risk mitigation and excess inventory management.

CTrends scours the world to find the best parts to meet your needs. Through its reliable network of suppliers, CTrends has access to unpublished lists of parts and components to meet every stage of your product life cycle. There is a world of risk out there. CTrends uses its proprietary process to find the parts that conform to your requirements. CTrends is an authorized reseller of major franchise lines across multiple industries that continue to grow. It is the one-stop-shop for all your electronic component needs. You can be confident that every component CTrends delivers meets your requirements and is of the highest quality.

CTrends also provides hardware from vinyl coated clamps and push on fasteners, all the way to nut retainers and nylon or plastic bushings. We provide aerospace, commercial, industrial, and metric fasteners, hardware & components. CTrends can meet your customer specifications from any manufacturer including AVK, Avery Dennison, Hellerman-Tyton, Heyco, KMC Clamps, Palnut, Richco, Sherex, Tinnerman, and many more.

CTrends mitigates your risk through its high standards of excellence. The company achieves these standards by continuously vetting its suppliers, thoroughly scrubbing your bill of materials, and conducting in-house testing of non-OEM parts in order to validate conformance. More than an ordinary procurement partner, CTrends works diligently to provide you with quality, transparent, reliable, and unique support. The company is a member of multiple industry standards organizations and alliances such as the ASQ (American Society for Quality) and the GIDEP (Government Industry Data Exchange Program).

With CTrends, your business will have a reliable procurement partner every step of the way.

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Working with franchise lines is a great way for you to gain purchasing power. By eliminating the middleman, you are ensured better prices and faster transactions. Franchised parts support design-in activities and help you meet production purchase requirements. Companies such as CTrends that offer high quality franchise lines can speed up the procurement process and make you more efficient.

One of the distinguishing features of CTrends is its hybrid distribution system. The company sources components from a wide range of sources, but it also offers franchise lines and adds new lines regularly to help you get the resources you need quickly and at the best price.

Although CTrends can source anything, its links with manufacturers ensures that you receive the best service and the most options, guaranteed. CTrends’ industry experts on staff will do whatever it takes to find a solution.


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