Searching for Electronic Components? Search CTrends first.

CTrends, Inc. is your absolutely Independent Supply Chain Partner for Electronic Components.   Headquartered in Orange County California the company was established in 2002 and built on five guiding principles:

  • Be an industry leader in all things Quality.
  • Grow partnerships built on Independence, Integrity, and demonstrable Added Value.
  • Provide accurate, impartial, and comprehensive data for decision making in real-time.
  • Only promise what we know we can deliver.
  • Continuously invest in knowledge, people, services, and process improvement.

Within the Electronics Manufacturing Industry an Independent Supply Chain Partner can source any product, from any supplier, anywhere in the world on behalf of its customers.

As an independent distributor, CTrends can sell and support any product, and all of our services, to customer locations in any state, country, or continent.

When you choose to partner with CTrends for supply chain support you will be in good company:

Boeing, Broadcom, Apple, Dell, DLA, Boston Scientific, AVOX, JCI, …………. To name but a few..

What you can expect from CTrends everyday:

An immediate response.

100% quality product every time, inspected, tested and certified in our in-house Lab.

Competitive pricing based on CTrends global purchasing power.

Direct technical support from highly qualified and experienced professionals to assist you with options and alternatives to meet your supply chain challenges.

Unprecedented critical knowledge sharing, component life cycle data,  product constraint data, EOL, LTB and obsolescence notifications, lead-time forecasts, and excess material valuations.

Want to learn more about how we do all this?

Call today Toll Free 1-877-472-9050
Or visit www.ctrends.com

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