Procurement: Last Time Buy

A well known consumer electronics company is a continued partner with CTrends for component data through BOM (Bill of Materials) Scrubbing and just-in-time deliveries through procurement. During one of the routine BOM Scrub analysis, an end-of-life notification was discovered on a key component. CTrends’ procurement team worked with the customer’s engineering team to gather drawings and application specifications for this component.

The CTrends’ procurement team immediately went to work to gather data for the production schedule and usage. At the same time, procurement contacted the original component manufacturer to discuss options for a high volume “last time buy” for the customer. CTrends successfully negotiated and delivered a last time buy for the end of life component saving the customer over 15% in a cost reduction. This last time buy gave the customer time to review their product and work with us to make better more informed decisions for their future production.

The initial BOM scrub analysis provided primary and secondary cross information for the component. An engineer in the risk mitigation department was able to work with the customer engineer team to create a short list of components that should perform properly. Side-by-side parametric data was provided for review. New components were identified, purchased and tested for performance. The approved component was immediately introduced into the production schedule with a supply chain cost reduction.

CTrends was happy to put its core competencies to work for its customer. To start CTrends used BOM Scrubbing for component data and optimization. During the proactive BOM scrub a risk was identified to the supply chain bringing forward CTrends’ risk mitigation competency. In the end the procurement department was the hero in successfully negotiating a last time buy and securing a new component for future production both saving the customer time and money.  All of these competencies were developed and implemented to maintain an unbroken supply chain.

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