In-House Testing

Customer: The Company is a top consumer products OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). Problem: Having experienced 8 percent fallout, the company needed to reduce the impact of substandard parts on its bottom line.

Process: The Company partnered with CTrends to test open market electronic components. Using its in-house testing facilities and extensive reference library to confirm part quality and to identify substandard and/or counterfeit parts, CTrends provided a robust test report to the company that included a certificate of analysis.

Benefit: CTrends identified 29 occurrences of counterfeit parts, quarantined these parts and removed them from the company’s inventory. CTrends reduced the company’s fallout rate to 1 percent, saving the company in excess of $500,000 in manufacturing and repair costs.

Partnership: CTrends partnered with the company as an outsource testing facility and invaluable risk mitigation partner, allowing the company to focus on its core manufacturing competencies. The company experienced direct savings by outsourcing it’s testing to CTrends, and also benefited by eliminating substandard parts prior to entering the company’s supply chain.

Call CTrends today to discover the many benefits your company will experience when it partners with CTrends, the industry leader in electronic component procurement, risk mitigation and supply chain management. Test with the best!

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