CTrends New Tariff Mitigation Solution

“Let CTrends Help You Mitigate the Effects of US Tariffs”

Using its proprietary software, CTrends can analyze your BOMs to determine if items are subject to the tariffs and recommend strategies to avoid those tariffs.

  • Alternate Country of Origin. CTrends can identify if a part is also manufactured in a country other than China and, therefore, is not subject to the tariffs.
  • Alternate Part Number. CTrends can determine if an alternate part exists that achieves the same form, fit, and function, is manufactured in a country other than China, and therefore is not subject to the tariffs.
  • Offshore Inspection. CTrends can procure and inspect parts of Chinese origin outside of the US before shipping them to your facility outside of the US, thereby avoiding the US tariff.

CTrends is more than a distributor – we are a supply chain solutions company.

This new service is another example of how we partner with you to provide solutions to the wide variety of challenges you face so you can focus on your core competencies, your growth, and your customers.

CTrends Tariff Mitigation Press Release
CTrends Tariff Mitigation Solutions Brochure.

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