Component Data & Optimization: BOM Scrubbing

An industry leading top server manufacturer contacted CTrends for assistance with a constrained component for one of their new server projects. Through CTrends’ proprietary software, it was immediately apparent that the component was in the obsolescence life cycle phase. To avoid future constraints and threat of production down time, CTrends proactively offered a full BOM (Bill of Materials) Scrub on the entire build.

The BOM Scrub report concluded that 4% of all components for the new server had already reached the end of their life cycle or presented other high risk factors to the manufacturer’s supply chain. CTrends was able to provide information for drop in replacements and suitable crosses. New parts were immediately designed in to provide continuity of supply. CTrends partnered with the engineering team to perform a BOM scrub analysis on all current projects.

The manufacturer has partnered with CTrends to provide BOM Scrubbing services each quarter on existing projects since to ensure continuation of the continuity of supply.  Each new project is also put through the BOM Scrub process during the introduction phase while in engineering design. The CTrends BOM Scrub service has become a vital step in the manufacturer’s process to provide data on the life cycle stage and risk analysis of each component. The engineering team uses this data to make more informed decisions on approved components.

CTrends takes BOM Scrubbing to the next level providing your engineering team everything they need to make informed decisions in regards to component choices. Contact CTrends today to learn more about the proprietary BOM Scrubbing service.

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