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A Proven Approach to Reliability

CTrends’ proprietary BOM (Bill of Material) Scrubbing provides your company with the information that you need to make better choices regarding your electronic components at every level of your product design, development and production.

At its most basic level, BOM scrubbing validates three key pieces of information — the orderable part number, the manufacturer’s name and the item description.

CTrends takes BOM scrubbing to the next level, making it an integral part of your entire design, production and end-of-life product cycle.

And now, your company can take advantage of CTrends’ knowledge and expertise for free!

For a limited time, CTrends is offering a complimentary BOM scrub to help you design your product with confidence — the kind of confidence that comes from partnering with an industry leader in electronic component procurement.

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    To take advantage of CTrends’ limited time offer for a FREE BOM SCRUB, simply enter your information and a specialist will contact you expeditiously, or call us at 1.877.472.9050.

    Offer restrictions:

    • up to 150 individual part line items
    • 1 free BOM Scrub per company
    • new BOM Scrub customers only
    • BOM scrub handled in order of receipt
    • BOM scrub can take up to 5 business days due to volume
    • Cannot be combined with any other offer


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