Component Data & Optimization

Component Data & Optimization

CTrends stands out when it comes to the BOM (Bill-Of-Materials) Scrub service with a hands-free automated approach. CTrends not only validates the key information about your parts, it also provides side-by-side comparisons of primary and secondary crosses with parametric data and component specifications.

Because the accuracy of your BOM impacts so many areas of your product life cycle, CTrends is proud to do everything necessary to optimize your product development process by providing BOM scrubbing component data for current and future use. What follows is a brief overview of the CTrends BOM scrubbing process, and how it will help your business secure your assets.

BOM Usage

A BOM scrub is the process of taking an entire list of components within a build and checking each component against the current market for information, including primary and secondary crosses. In order to clarify, a cross is when a component can be substituted for a different component with no other modifications needed.

The BOM scrubbing process is effective in identifying risks such as obsolete or high-risk parts before they become real problems for your company. Not only does this save you man hour of doing the process itself; it also saves you money by avoiding buying at-risk parts.

What makes CTrends stand out from any other company is the BOM Scrub service ease of use. Customers have access to their component data through the online and secure CTrends’ member portal. Because your bill of materials is critical in procurement, component second sourcing, planning and manufacturing, your BOM Scrub component data will help you avoid unnecessary problems that can hinder your development.

CTrends’ proprietary tools allow us to stand out from other BOM scrubbing providers. You will find a higher return rate compared to using any other service. The data that CTrends’ BOM scrubbing returns typically includes:

  • Part information (description, category, device type, RoHs, etc.)
  • Pin and package data
  • Crosses (upgrades, downgrades, directs, similar suggested manufacturer replacements)
  • Parametric data
  • Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL)
  • Product Change Notification (PCN) and End-of-Life (EOL) data
  • Downloadable datasheets
  • Market summary with low and high prices
  • Stock Availability (almost 100% guaranteed)

BOM Scrubbing Process

The best part about using CTrends’ BOM Scrubbing process is the fact that it requires little to no effort on your end. Because it is an automated validation process, the key components you use are automatically validated against our proprietary database. Once validated, the BOM Scrub will provide a verification of the accuracy of your orderable part numbers and consolidates duplicate components across the bill of materials.

When this information is collected, the identification of component commonalities across multiple BOMs will simplify your inventory management. CTrends will also map out the manufacturer part numbers to your internal part numbers to simplify the ordering process. This supports inventory reduction, drives quantity purchase discounts, and saves you money.
Who Benefits from BOM Scrubbing?

There are many people involved in the manufacturing process, which is why allowing CTrends to handle your BOM scrubbing can save countless dollars in orders of obsolete or incorrect parts and numerous hours in manufacturing down time.

The following roles will benefit from the CTrends BOM Scrubbing service:

  • Design Engineers
  • Components Engineers
  • Prototypers
  • Document Control Experts
  • New Product Introduction Specialists
  • Excess Inventory Manager
  • Procurement Managers
  • Quality Assurance Manager

Benefits of BOM Scrubbing

There are many benefits to choosing CTrends when it comes to BOM Scrubbing. Not only does it provide proactive supply chain management and component commonality reports; it delivers other benefits that will provide:

  • Predictable component availability through your product life cycle
  • Planned component and supply chain cost reductions
  • Package size reduction opportunities
  • Component capacity increases
  • Last time buy opportunities
  • End of life substitutions
  • Planned obsolescence
  • Man hours

Although a proactive BOM Scrub during the design phase is optimal, CTrends BOM Scrub service also has these benefits as a reactive approach no matter where your product is in its manufacturing life cycle. Component Data and Optimization can be useful anytime during your production phase, and periodically to pulse check your parts to ensure longevity.

To find out more information about supply chain solutions for your company, please contact a CTrends specialist.


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