CTrends’ mission is the success of your company.

CTrends’ philosophy is to work with your company throughout the manufacturing life cycle curve from product introduction through obsolescence so that your items and your company are a success. Your success is more than a philosophy to CTrends. It is a mission.

  • CTrends works with your company’s engineering design team by using component data and optimization to choose the electronic components to meet your supply chain needs during the design phase.
  • CTrends works with your procurement specialists by accessing global databases to acquire the electronic components you need at every stage of the manufacturing life cycle.
  • CTrends’ industry-leading supply chain risk mitigation provides your quality assurance team confidence in the quality of the electronic components as risk levels increase during the decline and phase-out of your product.
  • CTrends works with your inventory control team to provide solutions for excess inventory management during phase-out and obsolescence of your product.

Engineering Team

Are you certain your company has all of the information it needs at its disposal from the moment a product is conceived and designed? Has your company ever designed a product only to discover that some of the electronic components are going end-of-life or have a high risk of endangering your supply chain before the item ever reaches production?

Beginning with your product introduction, CTrends’ innovative component data and optimization provides you with the information that you need to make better choices regarding your electronic components. By using BOM (Bill of Material) Scrubbing, CTrends takes component data and optimization to the next level. As an integral part of your design process, CTrends assists engineers with parametric data and side-by-side comparisons of primary and secondary components. This can save your company a tremendous amount of time and expense without diminishing the quality of your finished product. CTrends provides the component data in a secure, user friendly online portal so that you — and only you — can review and fully utilize your BOM information at your convenience supporting your document control needs.

The synergy created between CTrends and your engineering teams allows your company to function more efficiently. Your document control specialists will save a considerable amount of time as all of the components and possible replacements are clearly identified. By capturing all of this significant information at the onset of the manufacturing life cycle, CTrends provides you a clear path for profitable production and end-of-life decisions.

Procurement Team

Has your demand ever exceeded your supply? Have you experienced long down-times due to an unforeseen natural disaster halfway around the world? Where can you turn when you can’t meet your supply demands?

Beginning in the growth phase of your manufacturing life cycle, CTrends provides distribution and procurement services to support your production needs. Teaming with your prototype, new product introduction and production procurement teams, CTrends is here to provide you the components you need at a competitive price. CTrends is an authorized franchise reseller for many manufacturers, which gives you the ability to meet your strict production schedule and be confident in the quality of the components received. CTrends also identifies suitable alternatives, whenever possible, to help you reduce costs and keep your lines running.

CTrends is your American supply source with a global footprint. With offices in North America, Asia and Europe, CTrends scans the world to find the high-quality electronic components you need to complete your project. With CTrends as your company’s procurement partner, your entire process will flow more smoothly.

Quality Assurance Team

What is your company’s true cost of ordering a substandard or non-conforming electronic component? Have your warranty costs increased as your product moves into phase out? What is your contingency plan when a critical component goes end of life?

CTrends wrote the book regarding electronic component risk mitigation.

Risk mitigation is important throughout the entire manufacturing life cycle. The need for risk mitigation accelerates during the saturation through obsolescence phases. CTrends works with your quality assurance and repair and warranty teams to mitigate risk prior to any purchase. Our industry-leading risk mitigation encompasses a process of avoidance, detection, mitigation and disposition. CTrends manages the risk so you don’t have to.

In conjunction with our in-house test lab, you choose the appropriate risk tolerance. Purchases never leave our facility without one of three certifications — manufacturer’s original certification, certificate of analysis or customer self-certification. CTrends is also at the forefront of secure electronic components, creating several pilot programs utilized by the DLA (Defense Logistics Agency) to test, mark and retain data for each electronic component, creating an unbroken chain of intelligence for each part.

The Department of Defense has recently promulgated DFARS (Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement) Case 2014-D005, “Detection and Avoidance of Counterfeit Electronic Parts.” This DFARS rule states all products must be bought from original or trusted sources. CTrends is one of fewer than 20 named trusted QTSL suppliers that qualify under this ruling. CTrends’ vision as a leader in detection and avoidance of counterfeit electronic parts, and our decision to adopt exemplary processes to obtain Trusted Supplier status with the U.S. government, give you confidence that CTrends’ risk mitigation standards are among the best in the industry.

With CTrends as your risk mitigation partner, you can buy with confidence for all your electronic component needs whether it’s a government or commercial project.

Inventory Control Team

Have you ever considered the untapped value you have in your warehouse right now? Do you know the value of your excess components in the current marketplace? Are there products within your obsolete assemblies that could provide value to your company if they were repurposed?

During the phase-out and obsolescence phase of the manufacturing life cycle, the inventory control team starts making decisions about excess products and components. CTrends’ core competency of excess inventory management shines with multiple options for disposition of excess. CTrends’ innovative reverse market analysis enables your inventory control specialists to make sound decisions regarding the final disposition of your unneeded parts, turning excess inventory into revenue.

CTrends has several customizable options for your excess inventory that include resales, reclamation and e-waste destruction. CTrends sees value even where you think none exists. Our team excels at thinking outside the box. Looking at your inventory through fresh eyes, the team discovers untapped uses for your obsolete assemblies.


CTrends’ philosophy ensures we will be there for you to support your electronic component needs throughout your product’s manufacturing life cycle. Working in conjunction with your engineers, procurement specialists, quality assurance and inventory control teams, CTrends’ core competencies provide the support your company deserves.

This principle is the cornerstone of CTrends’ philosophy — to supply the right electronic components at every stage in the life cycle of your product.


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