Excess Inventory Management

Let CTrends alleviate the burden of excess inventory management so you can focus on your next big development

Get the most out of your inventory in the end-of-life stage by expertly managing your surplus. CTrends can aid you through five tools in its excess inventory management toolbox. These are reverse market analysis, virtual excess sales, consignment, lot buy, and e-waste. This will give you flexibility in choosing the solution that best fits your business needs.

Reverse market analysis

A reverse market analysis will take all your excess components and put them through our proprietary software to provide you reporting that can assist in getting you the best return on your end-of-life and obsolete products and components. This report contains pricing and supply trends

on the following:

  • Components
  • High, median and low pricing
  • Life cycle stage
  • World saturation level
  • Available quantity

This is a value-added service that CTrends provides its customers at no charge.

Virtual excess sales

Once your reverse market analysis has been completed, we can proactively market your excess to our global network of customers and suppliers. The products stay in your warehouse but we will work hard to sell your excess products and parts as if they were ours, thereby giving you a customizable channel for excess disposal and a fair return.


This option is designed to provide you an ongoing cash flow from your excess components and to free up your storage and warehouse space. Your products are held in ESD warehouses owned by CTrends at no cost to you. As CTrends sells each component from your inventory you share in the profits. A schedule is developed so you can send your excess inventory at a constant rate. This will help you better utilize your freed up storage and continue to receive cash for your unusable inventory.

Lot buy

You can sell your excess inventory to CTrends. We have flexible options that will give you a quick return on your old unused products. This will free up storage and give you a financial resource that you can leverage for your new products and business initiatives.


E-waste is a fact of life in today’s digital world. With each decommissioned cell phone, tablet or laptop, the risk of private customer information getting into the wrong hands increases. CTrends employs several proven methods of e-waste disposal, including deconstruction and reclamation of usable components, total destruction of parts, and recycling of valuable materials.

Cost-saving Deconstruction and Reclamation

Obsolete products often contain valuable materials that can be harvested and reused or recycled. CTrends offers you the opportunity to retain important components such as chips, screens and power supplies for use in your repair cycle or in your next project. CTrends has several customizable options for reclamation, saving your company time and money.

Trusted Destruction

It is not unusual for electronic components that are scheduled for destruction to still contain sensitive information. Many companies do not have the processes to completely erase all information or to ensure that the information cannot be retrieved. CTrends’ destruction process thoroughly obliterates all components containing sensitive information and provides you with a certificate of destruction for all e-waste. Additionally, if required, CTrends will furnish you with before-disposal and after-disposal pictures of your product so you can document the disposal for your records.

Your electronics are in safe hands with CTrends.

Clean E-waste

CTrends protects you and the environment through its e-waste recycling program. Lead, mercury, arsenic and other potentially harmful elements facilitate the operation of your electronics. Inappropriate disposal exposes the environment to these harmful toxins. CTrends’ e-waste partners remove all harmful materials from your electronics prior to their disposal. Gold, copper, aluminum and other precious metals from the core of your electronics are harvested for recycling.

E-waste solutions can be an expensive portion of any product’s life cycle. Whether you have valuable components that you wish to retain, your product requires complete destruction or you wish to recycle your e-waste, CTrends securely performs the end-of-life-cycle tasks your company requires.

Bottom line

CTrends understands that excess components create a drain on your warehouse space and cash flow. By liquidating your surplus parts, CTrends can help free your resources and put valuable capital back in your pocket. You have a menu of options for eliminating excess inventory and e-waste, including the opportunity to customize a solution that is unique to your company. Contact a CTrends Excess Inventory Expert today to start the process of a reverse market analysis.


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