Processed Extruded Heatsinks

  • Several hundred profiles always in stock
  • maximum precision ensured by advanced processing machines
  • profile processing up to 1600 mm
  • special CNC processing to meet your requirements
  • any desired surface finish
  • processing of previously anodized heatsinks
  • special profiles to meet your specific demands

Extruded Heatsinks with Soldered Pins

  • Pressed-in solder pins for direct solder fastening
  • Solder pins with insulating ring or as threaded bolt
  • For horizontal or vertical PCB installation
  • Fast and easy installation of semiconductors using special transistor retaining springs
  • High contract force and firm hold on the semiconductors thanks to various types of retaining springs
  • Customized designs and modifications


  • Innovative product development and capability for dissipating heat from LEDs
  • In-house measuring lab for the thermal analysis of customer-specific cooling concepts, prototype construction
  • LED installation using screws, thermally conductive washers or adhesives
  • Advance and construction support including application-related, “Thermal Management”

Fin Coolers

  • Fin coolers made of aluminum or copper specially designed for forced convection
  • Compact design with very low heat resistance
  • Precisely flat milled surface on one or both sides
  • Additional processes, modifications or special designs to meet customers’ requirements

Heatsinks and Fan Coolers for Processors

  • Very high degree of thermal efficiency due to optimized geometry of the fins for an optimized air flow
  • Easy installation with the integrated clip fastening, double-sided thermally conductive washer or thermally conductive adhesive
  • Compact design with high mechanical stability
  • High-end industrial design
  • Customized versions and processing

Finger Shaped Heatsinks and Small Heatsinks

  • Made of spring bronze, aluminum or copper
  • Effective heat dissipation of small transistors
  • Semiconductor fastened by a screw or an integrated spring clamp
  • Can be soldered directly into the PCB thanks to solderable surfaces or snap-in pins
  • Special packaging such as tape & reel, magazine and tray for fully automatic processing

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