SMD Male and Female Headers

  • Single and double row contacts
  • Modular sizes: 2.54mm, 2.00mm, 1.27mm
  • High temperature-resistant plastic insulators
  • With or without pick-and-place pad
  • Vertical and horizontal designs
  • Various contact surfaces
  • Special packaging formats such as tape and reel or bar magazine

Male and Female Headers in Soldering Technique

  • Modular sizes: 2.54mm, 2.00,, 1.27mm
  • Male headers in single or double row design, straight or angled version, contact length up to 65mm
  • Shroud male headers, 10-50 poles; female header, single or double row design, straight or angled version with stamped contacts or precision contacts
  • Stackthrough female headers, single or double row design

Male and Female Headers, Press-fit Mounting

  • Press-fit mounting without soldering, resilient press-fit area; easy insertion into PCB
  • For PCB layout in accordance to Din EN 60352-5 PCB thickness of 1.6mm or more
  • Single or double row design, straight version
  • Shroud male headers, 10-20 contacts
  • Contact surfaces tinned or gilded, number of contacts according to customers’ specification

Packaging Formats for Automatic Picking and Placing

  • Bar magazine made of robust plastic material including special locking systems
  • Tape and reel, reel diameter 330mm
  • Male and female headers in packaging material both with centrally arranged pick-and-place pad
  • Customer specific designs, tape widths and reel diameters


  • for DIL-IC, PLCC, crystals, TO cases and power transistors
  • Precision sockets and sockets for SMD and soldering technique
  • Various contact surfaces
  • Sockets with low profile
  • Insulators made of material according to per UL 94 V-0

Ribbon Cables

  • Female multipoint connector for flat ribbon cables, with or without locking and strain relief
  • Shrouded male headers suitable for lockable female multipoint connector, two rows: 6-50 contacts in a modular size of 2.54mm; printed circuit connectors, single row, double or quadruple rows
  • Contact surfaces tin plated or gilded
  • Accessories and processing tools

D-Sub Connectors

  • Male and female headers for press-fit mounting, SMD and insulation displacement screw clamp technology
  • High-density connectors with clamping spring screening
  • Multiple D-Sub connectors/multiple layout connectors with high power and signal contacts
  • Various designs and numbers of contacts
  • Large range of D-Sub accessories

Brackets and PC Board Holders

  • PC board holder, with or without fixing tab, customer-specific cut-outs and imprints
  • Low profile PCI holders
  • LED holder with or without LED for front panel and PC board installation
  • Rigid and angular light pipes for SMD components

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