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Do you have excess components

Consign it to CTrends to realize a financial gain.

One of the most painful issues to deal with in the manufacturing industry is excess component inventory. The other issue is shortages on components you need for production product. The excess inventory you have is the solution to the ongoing shortage market.

Consigning your excess is a win-win for you and the market. The components you have are sitting, and draining, your resources. You have staff that takes care of the warehouse, accounting deals with inventory and depreciation of this inventory, not to mention, the cost of the warehouse space as a whole.

CTrends is here to help. We will take your excess inventory list and compare the list to the current market needs. This will give you a solid understanding of what the market will pay for the components. After we receive and inventory the excess, CTrends will fully market the product to the world. CTrends has thousands of customers looking for parts every day. Getting your excess in their hands is critical.

Call CTrends today to submit your excess component list for a full market analysis. The benefits of this program will be immeasurable.